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The Fabric For Your Next Adventure 

 TexWaxtm is a cotton-based fabric impregnated with a proprietary and unique formulation of waxes that give the fabric a lasting and lifelong resistance to inclement weather. These waxes impart a high-degree of water repellency, low-temperature flexibility, high-meltpoint, and drape. The waxes coat each yarn individually, allowing the cotton fabric a degree of air permeability. As the fabric ages, it develops a well-worn patina, giving your garment or accessory an ageless comfort, in the same manner that leather develops and burnishes with time.

TexWax is an authentic product that has stood the test of time, outfitting adventurers, farmers, explorers, fighters, fishermen and hunters since the 1920s.
The Carr formulation consists of food and pharmaceutical grade waxes, and is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic.  The TexWax finishes, though true to their historic origins, incorporate the most advanced formulations in the industry.

The full collection in various weights and colors is inventoried in the U.S. and available in both sample quantities and for production orders.



Carr Textile, located in the heartland of America, has been a trusted supplier of fabrics to manufacturers both home and abroad for generations.